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New Jobs

New jobs

Getting a great job, or hiring an outstanding employee, should be as easy as possible. That’s where our three regional Pennsylvania CareerLink® offices - WIlkes-Barre, Hazleton and Pottsville - play a vital role as “one-stop” providers.

One location. One visit. Many programs.

That’s what you can get with a single visit to your local PA CareerLink® office. The staff has access to a wide array of services offered by a large number of federal, state, non-profit, and other partner agencies.

Under the federal Workforce Investment Act, every state is required to operate a statewide system of “one-stop” providers to simplify the workforce process and ensure programs are properly used and run. In Pennsylvania, these are PA CareerLink centers.

As with every PA CareerLink in Pennsylvania, our three sites are locally operated and designed to respond to the workforce needs of their individual areas. Through the state PA CareerLink website,, we provide a comprehensive database of job listings for each county and links to a variety of resources.

As employment and training experts, we work with economic development, the local chambers of commerce, area schools and community agencies to help provide solutions to meet each county’s workforce development and staffing needs.