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New Jobs

New jobs

  • Hazleton, PA Career Link Office

    When people in the Hazleton area need help in making a move up their career ladder
  • When employers are expanding their business and need assistance finding qualified job applicants
  • When layoffs or plant closings force an immediate job search
  • When businesses want information on tax credits and On-the-Job Training Programs or
  • When folks consider a career change to advance their work situation ... 

they increasingly turn to the Pennsylvania CareerLink at Hazleton's one-stop service center for employment and training needs.


The Pennsylvania CareerLink at Hazleton is the connecting link between hundreds of county residents who come to the PA CareerLink weekly to search for jobs, upgrade their skills and look for new careers and Hazleton businesses that want to hire them. In addition to this vital services, the PA CareerLink provides much more.

Our Services

People who come to the PA CareerLink can use a variety of services, all at no cost. Those services include:

For job seekers:

  • Use the Internet to search for a job
  • Create your own resume, then print and copy it
  • Work on your interviewing skills
  • Use the telephone to start a job search
  • Talk with a career counselor about your career objectives
  • Get information about careers
  • Take a skill assessment and aptitude test 
  • Work on your basic skills such as reading, writing and math
  • Improve your English
  • Study for and take your GED exam
  • Improve your computer skills
  • Learn to find your way around a computer
  • Make the connection to higher education

For employers:

  • Expose your job postings to thousands of registered job seekers on our website,
  • Learn about the number of grants available to assist businesses in identifying training needs
  • Receive screening and referral of qualified applicants
  • Receive full-service office support at the PA CareerLink office to conduct job fairs and interviews, with free promotion included
  • Obtain assistance in diversifying your workforce
  • Receive labor market trend guidance
  • Access information on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Federal Bonding Program
  • Learn more about On-the-Job Training opportunities
  • Gain employer-specific assessment of applicants

PA CareerLink information specialists are there every step of the way to help people get the most out of the services that are offered.


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Career Guide

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